With the help of a very talented production team which includes award winning director Paul Vernon, The Northern Rough Riders make their own movies each year at Tranquility Wild West Town.

2015 Movie Project - Trail to Tranquility

Trail to Tranquility was screened at The Belmont Film House in Aberdeen in 2015.

The Northern Rough Riders are now  pleased to announce that our latest movie project, Trail to Tranquility has received a 3 star rating (out of a possible 5 stars) from the IAC British International Amateur Film Competition 2016. We are very proud of this achievement.

About our film the panel of judges said, "Along with comedy one of the most difficult subjects for the amateur film maker is the western. Unless there are limitless funds the problems start with locations and continue through costume, language and accents and on and on. Congratulations to the makers of this movie for attempting to walk this minefield. It is an extremely ambitious project and a complex script that relies on a large cast to bring it to life. That it happened at all shows great dedication on the part of crew and cast."…/biaff2…/trail-to-tranquility.html

The movie was written by our very own founder Alistair Baronowski and Directed by award winning director Paul Vernon. View the movie as a 4 part web series on youtube now!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

2015 Movie Project - Trouble Again in Tranquility

Our 2015 Western comedy movie Trouble Again in Tranquility, written by Stewart Walker and Directed by Andrew Crane was screened at the Belmont Film House as part of a double bill feature together with Trail to Tranquility. This one is a barrel of laughs. Watch it now on youtube!:

2014 movie projects

Jesse Behan returns to Tranquility and is reunited with his father Johnny. The reunion is cut short when a gang of ruthless outlaws rob the town Bank. Johnny and Jesse team up to stop the outlaws and save the town.
Return of a Son was screened at The Belmont Film House in Aberdeen 2014 and is now available to view on youtube:

Trouble in Tranquility

One Shot Bart and his gang of outlaws start tearing up the peaceful town of
Tranquility and it's up the sheriff and his posse to take them down and restore normality to Tranquility.
Written by Stuart Walker, Directed by Veronika Koubova
Trouble in Tranquility was screened at the Belmont Film House 2014 and is now available to view: